Scum Raymond Cruz

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raymond cruz store - Das streaming Twitch Team aus Deutschland

Hold nothing back!

In this DLC you get to play as the man himself
Raymond Cruz
. Channel your inner psychosis and unleash fear in your opponents by playing one of the most recognizable faces on screen.

Key features:

  • Complete character model – A complete player model of Raymond Cruz adaptable to all body types.
  • Voice acted actions and taunts – With a complete voice pack recorded by the legend himself, every action will be played out in his voice. And the new added voice taunts will make sure you have options to put salt on injury for those unfortunate enough to come across your sights.
  • Special clothing – Inspired by the most popular roles from Raymond Cruz, you will be dropped on the island in style.
  • Handy survival knife – Who says great things can’t come in small packages? Perfect pocket knife, handy in all survival/crafting situations or creating new smiles on your opponent faces.

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14 März 2024


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