Pipeline Panic

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In a not-so-distant yet dystopian future the world’s energy crisis has only worsened and the few remaining resources still available to be harnessed are in remote and inhospitable locations. The world has switched from oil and gas to a new resource pumped up from deep under the earth’s surface. Albeit this highly radioactive gas is far more powerful then other fossil fuel sources it has a nasty side effect. Toxic and deadly to humans without hazmat suit it also caused mysterious and grotesque mutations in previously harmless species. These critters grew to enormous proportions and developed a crude form of intelligence bent on destroying all of the human efforts to turn the radioactive gasses into usable fuel.

Here comes the solution: risking the lives of too many heroic young technicians already the humans started to train and arm the pipeline crews to defend & repair the instalations. With the help of a potent arsenal of destructive weapons and precision engineering resulting in deadly gun towers, the brave technician-soldiers can do their job with at least a healthy 2% chance of survival… (up from 0,000002% before).

Good old fashioned 2D arcade fun with tons of upgrades and fast paced action where taking risks is rewarded with a higher score. Defend humanity’s last source of energy: wrench in one hand, laser gun in the other!

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CRX Entertainment, Pastil Studios


Favour Toys Studios


10 November 2022


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