Sector Sweep

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SectorSweep 4 - Das streaming Twitch Team aus Deutschland

Sector Sweepers need your services again!
Gather your friends and together discover new mysterious planets full of precious technology and materials worth a fortune. Take a gear of your choice, and get ready to rumble against numerous enemies!

SectorSweep 1 - Das streaming Twitch Team aus Deutschland

Play as one of many bounty hunters
in this top-down roguelike shooter with space-western elements. Explore undiscovered and mysterious planets full of various hazards, including aliens, robots, or just plain bad guys.

SectorSweep 2 - Das streaming Twitch Team aus Deutschland

Upgrade your equipment
, improve your abilities and collect loot from planets no one dares to fly into. Remember: You can play solo, but some quests are easier to complete in a gang of bounty hunters. Use Remote Play Together, and create a relentless star exterminators clean-up crew with your buddies!

SectorSweep 3 - Das streaming Twitch Team aus Deutschland

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Moonlit S.A.


Moonlit S.A.


3 November 2022


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